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四级高分作文词汇 & amp;amp; 模板

1.good=favorable,desirable,pleasurable2.bad=unfavorable,undesirable,unpleasurable,(be less impressive)3.many=a sea of,an ocean of,a multitude of,(many 什么, if not most) crazy about 5.some=a slice of,quite a few 6.more and more + 名词 = in growing numbers,increasing numbers,in sidnificant numbers 7.more and more + 形容词 = increasingly 8.most + 名词 = an overwhelming majority of the + 名词, a significantproportion of the + 名词, a sizable percentage ofthe + 名词 9.very=exceedingly,excessively,extremely 10.not=by no means11.think=harbor the idea that,take the attitude that,hold the view that,it iswidely shared that,it is universally acknowledge that 12in my opinion=for my part,(personally,i think),from my own perspective 13.want=desire 14.remenber=bear in mind that 15.and=as well as 16.A be more important B than=A far outweigh B,A bear/carry more weight that17.great=considerable,unfold,display,reveal,demonstrate 19.and so on=and so forth,and so like 20.enjoy=be crazy about 作文高分词汇  名词:  Achievement(成就)->Secondly, young students may gain some senseof achievement through winning a game.  Amusement(娱乐)-> It brings us a lot pleasure and amusement.  Approach(途径, 方法)->Learning foreign languages offers us a greatapproach to discovering new cultures.  Atmosphere(大气, 气氛, 气息)->I think that temptation of city life,especially of the cultural atmosphere in big cities, is overwhelming, eventhough those unsolved troubles are still there.  Combination(结合)->As neither of the two solutions is effectiveenough to solve the problem of heavy traffic in cities, I favor a combinationof the two.  Commodity(商品)->The commodities and service provided bysociety have become more diversified.  Contribution(贡献)->If they continue to work in a way their healthpermits, old people can still make a great contribution to the society.  Correlation(关系)->Previous studies have shown a correlationbetween violent computer games and agression.  Curiosity(好奇心)->As we know, our textbooks remain unchanged forages while the up-to date software on various subjects is easily availableanywhere, say, on the internet, thus stirring up my curiosity about moreknowledge.  Depression(抑郁, 消沉, 萧条)->Raising pets gives them great happiness andhelps relieve their pressure and depression.  Enthusiasm(热情)-> Enthusiasm for one's major is often a strongdeterminant of one's success in it.  Esteem(尊严)->Take care, though, with whom you choose tohave close relationships for they can have a tremendous impact on your self-esteemand life path.  Exploration(探索)-> Despite the fact that many of my fellowstudents like other ways of learning, I never give up any opportunity to sit atmy computer for the exploration of the ocean of knowledge.  Fault(过错)->Parents must make clear that their divorce isno fault of their child.  Harmony(协调)->We need to work hard to find a way to conductan economy that is in harmony with the environment.  Illustration(例证)->The development of literature is a very vividillustration. Indulgence(沉溺)->But uncontrolled indulgence in physical recreationmay lead us to the point of being strong in body but weak in brain.  Innovation(创新, 改革)->On the contrary, their creativity and innovationshould be encouraged  The innovation of air travel during this century has madethe world seem smaller.  Intention(意图)->Good intention may sometimes lead to the adverseresult.  Involvement(参与)->Involvement in various kinds of activities couldhelp make me a well rounded person.  Merit(优点)->Frankly speaking, people who have some ideas of itcannot deny the merit born with the system.  Obligation(义务)->Some people suggest that the old people's childrenhave the obligation to look after their old parents.  Popularization(流行, 普及)->And in many cities, the popularization of privatecars is viewed as an important sign of local economic growth.  Priority(优先权)-> Safety must be given the highest priority.  Prospect(前 途, 展望)->For the sake of our students'prospects, teachersshould also be called on to respect students and add more attention toenlightening the individuality of the students.  Restriction(限制)->From my point of view, the government should notgive restrictions to artists.  Shortage(缺乏)->Only steps are taken to deal with this problemimmediately can we avoid a severe world-wide water shortage later on>  Sights(眼界)->Television can widen our sights.  Trait(特征)->Patience, compassion and empathy are also importanttraits in being a good friend or partner.  Vehicle(交通工具)->Some kinds of animals have even been used as vehiclessince the primitive society. 动词:  Acquire(获 得)->The most important task for college students is toacquire abundant knowledge and experience, which are quite essential to theirfuture career.  Advocate(提倡)-> There is no point advocating improved publictransport unless we can pay for it.  Arouse(激 起)->They bring great pleasures to young people, trainthem to respond quickly and arouse their interest in computer science. Assist(帮助)->Ifwe want to prevent a population explosion, we should take action now-or assistthe poorer countries to do so.  Boost(促进)->Artisticprojects, which are symbols of the city, can boost local tourism .  Claim(声称)->Thosepeople who strongly oppose the practice claim that it violates people's basicrights of working.  Consume(消 费, 消耗)->However,going out to the cinema means taking a great deal of trouble to leave the houseand consuming a lot of time.  Emerge(出现)->Advanced figures are emerging in multitude in this era of ours.  Exert(发挥)->Subsequently,this reasonable system will exert better function.  Facilitate(使 方便, 促进)->Goodadvertisements can help facilitate communication between business people andthe public, and help keep the business world moving.  Hinder(阻碍)->Wearinguniforms, to some extent, discourages individuality and hinder the developmentof creativity.  Obtain(获得)->Soas far as I am concerned, I am eager to obtain such a way of learning.  Undermine(损 害, 破坏)->Thiswill eventually undermine national culture by encouraging the spread andpopularization of western customs and values.  Witness(目睹,证明)->Theknowledge-based society witnesses great changes over the past decades.  Wreck(毁 坏, 破坏)->Thereis, however, a risk that we will wreck the environment so effectively that theworld will no longer be an attractive place to live. 形容词:  absurd(荒谬的)It is completely absurd to suggest that we shouldn't test students.  Abundant(丰富的)->Meanwhilemilk had been accepted by the masses, because of its abundant nutrition.  Affluent(丰富的, 富裕的)->Itis not only in affluent societies that people are obsessed with the idea ofmaking more money.  Detrimental(有害的)->Besides,staying in front of the computer too long will be detrimental to children'shealth.  Diversified(多样化)->Thecommodities and service provided by society have become more diversified.  Essential(本质的, 基本的, 重要的)->Such an essential daily item as water is in short supply inmany parts of the world.  Evident(明显的)->It is evident that it can relieve the trafficcongestion in the streets, thus accelerating the flow of buses and cars.  Fierce(激烈的)->Nowadays, young people face fierce competition andsuffer from great life pressure.  Indispensable(必不可少的)->Although it is indispensable to human beings, italso brings a lot of inconvenience to us.  Prompt(快速的)->Old people react more slowly than young people, whocan always make quick judges and prompt decisions.  Sagacious(明智的)->It is sagacious that all relevant factors should betaken into account before taking any action.  Unique(独特的)-> Compared with the large family, the small familyhas a unique advantage.  副词:  Accordingly(因此)->Accordingly, they believe that more foragricultural research can lead to another green revolution.  Attentively(专 注地)->I'm also looking for the ability to listenattentively and then to be able to respond to an idea that has been presentedto them..  Utterly(完全地, 彻底地)->We become utterly dependent on the two mostprimitive media of communication: picture and the spoken word. 常用短语补充: first glance(初看起来)->Atfirst glance Internet offers us excitement and a world of promise.  2.Attribute…to(归 因于)->Theyappreciatively attribute what they eat every day, from different kinds of newvegetables to new fish varieties, to the efforts of scientists.  3.Be obsessed with(对… 着迷)->It is notonly in affluent societies that people are obsessed with the idea of makingmore money.  4.Cater for(迎合)->Theresponsibility of an artist is to create artworks to cater for people's needsfor aesthesis and enjoyment.  5.Coincide with(一 致)->The criticsargue that the practice dose not coincide with the present-day civilized worldin which liberty and individuality are highly worshiped.  6.Deprive …of (剥夺)->The wealthiernations deprive their poorer neighbors of their most able citizens.  7.Give…a hand->An important aspect oftraveling with friends is that in case emergency takes place, your friend willgive you a hand immediately.  8.Holdwater(经得起推敲)->Reasonableand attractive as the opinion seems, it cannot hold water.  9.In thelong run(从长远看)->Solvingproblems in the dorm will, in the long run, help students understand how tocommunicate with others. avery high value on.. Americans today don't place a very high value onintellect. 常用句型及单词   A. 开头   1、There is aninteresting and instructive picture which goes like this:.   2、 hasbecome a hot topic among people, especially among the young, and heated debatesare right on their way.   3、Recently,has been brought to such popular attention that   (e.g. Recently, the problem of global warminmg has been brought to such popularattention that governments at all levels place it on the the top of theagenda.).   4、One of our ancientphilosophers said, . Chinese people have always been holding thisidea to be one of their standards of morality.   5. No one,regardless of race, religion or nationality, would deny that... 或:Everyone would agreethat...   B 结尾   1) Only in this way/Only when....../Only through......, will/can we...... 或:It is only if/when......thatwe will......   It is only if all sides of society take theirroles fully that we will achieve the society we want.   2) As long as......we will be able to....../the problem is boundto......   As long as we persist in spreading scientific knowledge among the masses,allthe superstitions are bound to go out of our life.   3) With a constant/steady improvement in ......(或 With the gradual worsening of......)sth.will......   With a steady improvement in our legal system,this problem will sure be solvedearlier or later.   4) In a word,there is every/little chance/probability/possibility that.......intime to come.A   In one word,there is every chance that this Chinese Traditon will continue toentertain millions of Chinese citizens.   C. 中间   1.建议和解决方法   1). A great number ofsolutions are being offered. Some people suggest that . Othersargue that .   2). But I don’t thinkit is a very good way to solve . For instance, .Worst of all, .   3). My suggestion todeal with/solve/relieve the problem are as follows. In the first place,....Secondly,.... Finally   4). If we let thesituation go as it is, .... By that time, .... 如果让这种情况继续发展下去,那么到那个时候,......。   5) If......, will therebe anything that can make me even happier? 如果(我们怎么怎么做),那将没有比这令我更高兴的了。 2.It 结构   1) It is advisable toexercise(拥有)patience in dealing with such complicatedsituations.   2) It is necessary thatyoung and old people should communicate more with each other.   3) It is certain thatfresh air and exercises are more enjoyable and beneficial thanmedicine.   4) It is well knownthat many of our problems are caused at least in part by failure tocommunicate.   5) It seemed to me thatthe only thing that matters is to learn through failure.   6) It pays in the longrun (从长远的角度看......)to introduce new technique.   3. 动名词或分词结构   1) Drinking,eating,and smoking excessively cando severe harm to even a young person’s health.   2) The art of communicationrequires learning the language and culture of the audience.   4. 递进式结构   1) Fresh vegetables arenutritious(有营养的);furthermore,they re cheaper than frozen ones.   2) Helping others willnot only bring joy into other people’s lives,but also added happiness into our own.   5. 表示重要性或必要性   1) It’s important toset aside time for relaxation,hobbies ,and entertainment as well.   2) A harmoniousatmosphere is essential(necessary / critical / indispensable)to achieve success.  3) Global warming can endangerour lives so much that we are obliged to make a careful study of the problemand try to find out a lasting solution to it.   6. 表示目的  1) The purpose of atest is to show what you have leaned about a subject.   2) The intent is not tocatch everyone but rather to catch enough to spread the word.   3) Competitive sportsare recommended to young adults to prepare them for the competitive world ofcollege and business.   7. 表示结果   1) Too much work andtoo little rest may lead to loss of health.   2) If you try to learntoo many things at a time,you may get confused.   3) By consistent hardwork we will be able to achieved our objectives (目标). 转载请注明来自   8. 表示对比和比较   1) Jobs and work domuch more than most of us realize to provide happiness andcontentment.   2) Work is more than anecessity for most human beings;it is the focus of their lives,the source of their identity and creativity.   3) Rather than apunishment or a burden,work is the opportunity to realize one’spotential.   4) The morescientists find out,the more questions they are unable to answer.   9. 表示条件或假设的结构   1) Without thedistraction of TV,they might sit around together after dinner.   2) As long as the brainis given plenty of exercise it keeps its power.   3) Were it left to meto decide whether we should , I should not hesitate a moment to preferthe latter.   4) Without a degree andwith no vocational experience their chances of getting good jobs areslim.   10. 表示举例  1) Take______forexample,   2) An illustration(例证)may make the pointclear.   11. 表示采取措施  1) The governmentshould be taking effective(有效的)measures to overcome current difficulties.   2) As college students,we are obliged to make every effort to help support the OlymicGames.   3) The schoolauthorities should invest more energy and money in improving working and livingconditions for the teachers.   12. 表示让步关系   1) While it may be moreconvenient to possess a car,it is also expensive and troublesome at times.   2) Although I do not earna great deal of money for this job,the pleasure I receive from the work makes itworthwhile.   13. 表示因果或前提关系   1) Because of(owing to)the pressure(压力)of examinations, many students are left with little or no freetime.   2) Perhaps it’s becausefew of us know how to accept compliments(赞扬)gracefully.   3) That is whyhousework is considered as such a dreary grind(乏味的苦差事)。   4) The reason for thisis that   14. 表示存在的问题   1)One of the greatestproblems facing the 21st century will be what to do with all the rubbishproduced in the world.   2) To travel abroad isa desire shared by many people,but few can afford to do it.   3) Cheating is nowconsidered to be a major problem in colleges anduniversities.   4) Many people find itharder and harder to keep up with the radical changes that characterize ourtime.   5) At first thought, the problem seems far tooinvolved (复杂),but it can certainly be solved when seriously dealt with.   15. There be 结构   四六级无忧  1) There are othertechniques that might help you with you studying.   2) There is much thatwe can learn from the Chinese classic works.   3) There is no sense(道理)in leaving importantdecisions to inexperienced people.   精彩废话万能句   The rapid progress in science and technology has given a powerful shove-aheadto the productive forces of the world and the economic and social developmentof humanity. 科技的快速发展带给世界生产力和人类经济和社会的发展一个强劲的推动力   ...can help one stand tall and aim far, broaden one’s vision and give full playto one’s intelligence and wisdom on the broad arena of the modernization drive. 站的高看的远, 开扩自己的视野, 在现代化建设的大舞台上充分发挥个人才智   Let’s join hands and work together to contribute a greater part to the harmonyof our society. 让我们携手共同奋斗,为建设和谐社会作出更大的贡献!   Famous scientist Marie Curie once said,"Nothing is life is to be feared;it is only to be understood." In the same ways, once we understand thecasuses of this phenomenon, we can confidently believe that we will solve theproblem with the following means:   精彩虚词   1. admittedly 应当承认: Admittedly, a few governments have taken timidmeasures.   2. simply 简而言之: The answer is simply money.   3. surely 肯定地: This is surely the most short-sighted policy you couldimagine.   4. increasingly 不断增长地 While money is eagerly collected in vast sums with one hand, itis paid out in increasingly vaster sums with the other.   现象解释型叙事类作文专用模板 1.It so happened that. 2.Just at the moment,. 3.It impressed me most because. 4.What hanppened was. 5.At first,_. 6.Almost at the same time,. 7.What’s more,. 8.As a result,. 9.As I understand,. 10.On the one hand,. 11.On the other hand,. 12.Therefpre,. 对比选择型模板一 1.Recently,we may hear quite different opinions.2.Most people take it for granted that_______. 3.However,others hold________.  4.A dominant idea is that_______. 5.In this view,. 6.Nevertheless,the objectors think________. 7.They argue that________. 8.As to me,I prefer________. 9.On the one hand,. 10.On the other hand,. 11.Therefore,. 12.In conclusion,. 问题解决型模板一 1.With the_______of_,.(问题出现的背景) 2.So it is of graet importance for us to_.3.On the one hand,. 4.On the other hand,. 5.However,we have figured out many ways to_______.6.Firstly,. 7.So long as__________. 8.Secondly,. 9.Thirdly,. 10.In fact,. 11.That is because________. 12.In a word,_________.