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四级范文(五)How to Increase Your Working Experience in University

How to Increase Your Working Experience in University
    While studying in universities, students are required to make a detailed study of the knowledge in the books. Certainly the academic knowledge is the foundation for the future work. Some working experiences is also indispensable for them to adapt to the future occupation. How to increase the working experience without the sacrifice of students?
    Firstly, I think, the students should get mentally and physically prepared for the coming part-time jobs. Secondly, they should widen the scope of choices. Whenever mentioning the part-time jobs, students will inevitably think of tutoring little kids and working in the supermarkets. In fact, there are a lot of other choices, such as working as volunteers for some associations, teaching in some less developed ares, and writing article for newspaper. Finally, write down promptly what they have learned form work. By doing so, they could have deep impression of that experience and make it really valuable for the future work.
    In a word, working experience gained while the students are studying in universities will benefit them throughout their lives.