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四级范文(四)Some Suggestions for the English Speech Contestant

 Some Suggestions for the English Speech Contestant
    The English contest is always the focus in every university. It is not only a kind of heated competition  to select a few students with the best English fluency, but a festival for English learns to join together and learn from each other.
    As a contestant, I think, one should be confident and full of hope.Although there must be many competent candidates, you are one of them. Most of time, self-assurance will help you a lot to get to the very end of the game. Another important point one should bear in mind is that speech contest is a unique form of specking. In involves many special technique, such as advocating, stressing certain words, and make some gesture. After learning the article by heart, one should do more practice in performing, that is to say, in how to deliver the speech. Last but not the least, one should proper attitude towards the final results. You should not emphasize too much on the ranking. It will only exits for the time being. As long as you have learned something through the contest, it's not a waste of time , and you will be quite clear about the direction for you future efforts.    
      To sum up, English speech contest is a kind of beneficiary activity, which deserve the active participation of every college students.