四级范文(三)My Opinion on Campus Lectures

My Opinion on Campus Lectures

    In recent years, more and more lectures are being given on campus. They are organized either by the departments or by the students'unions with an aim to improve the students' quality both mentally and academically. These lectures are usually in series and on different topics, such as arts, life, psychology, world issues, economy, etc.
    Generally  speaking, the advantages of  lectures are various. First, they broaden the students' knowledge horizon and cultivate interests in different fields. Second, they make the life of the students colorful and enjoyable.
    With these merits, lectures are just complementary and subordinate to our school work. If students spend too much time attending to lectures, their regular study will be affected and disturbed. So, in my opinion, the student should, on the one hand, do their class work and homework well first, on the other, set as more time as possible  to attend  good lectures which are helpful to our life and study.