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四级范文(二)The Ideal Assistant in My Mind

The Ideal Assistant in My Mind

    Politic and ideological  assistants place a  very  important role in the education and growth of the college students. Sole academic cultivation does not ensure the making of talents. So, the assistants shoulder the responsibility to foster the students in an all-round way.
    In my opinion, to be a good  assistant, first, the person must be very knowledgeable and talkative.  He must have a solid commend of theories and a wide range of interests. Second, he must be patient and considerate. When students have difficulties, he will try every means to give help. Third, a good assistant should be a good adviser and organizer. He must be good at communicating with students and settling mental problems.
    Last but not the least, he should have a strong sense of responsibility and be hardworking. That means he must affecting for this job and get ready to devote himself to the education career.