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四级范文(一) A Congratulation Letter

                     A Congratulation Letter
Dear John,
    I'am very glad to hear that you have passed the entrance examination and been accepted by a very famous university. I feel proud of you and I believe you real deserve the honor since you have been working so hard on that.
    As you mentioned in the letter, there are both some similarities and differences between college life and the life in high school. First, you have to go on working hard as there are a lot of subjects for you to lean. Second, in high school, the teachers will probably tell you what to lean and how to lean details and will also monitor you leaning performance, while in college, teachers work like tour guides and you have to find out the own ways to acquire knowledge and solve problems.
    Last, be optimistic. If you hope to adapt yourself to this new environment, you'd better to be positive no matter what difficulties you will experience in your college life.
    May you adapt yourself to the college life as soon as possible!
                                                                                                             Truly Yous,

天阿,写死我 了,这可是偶一个一个 input 的,