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Unit Testing Framework - JavaScript

摘自:List of unit testing frameworks

Name xUnit TAP Client-side Server-side Source Remarks

Yes Yes [106] Suitest is a powerful and easy-to-use JavaScript BDD test suite

Yes Yes [107] Dojo Objective Harness that can be run in-browser or independently via Rhino
No Yes No [118] [119] Developed as a learning project
JSUnit Yes No Yes No [120] JSUnit is no longer actively maintained
Enhance JS Yes No Yes No [108] Port of Enhance PHP

Yes Yes [121] jQuery test harness

Yes Yes [122] QUnit compatible Rhino/JUnit framework

No Yes [109] Browserless Java-based framework

Yes No [123]
Mocha No Yes Yes Yes [124]
intern No Yes Yes Yes [125]

Yes No [110]
YUI Test Yes Yes Yes Yes [111]

Yes No [112] Behaviour-driven development framework

Yes No [113] javascript test harness

Yes Yes [126] Highly readable BDD, 50+ matchers, DOM / framework independent, async, rhino, node.js support and more (no longer maintained)

Yes Yes [127] BDD, framework independent, easy integration with Ruby projects and continuous builds. Allows for both DOM-less testing and asynchronous testing.

Yes No [114] Requires jQuery
Test.Simple No[115] Yes Yes No [116] Write TAP-emitting unit tests in JavaScript and run them in your browser.
Test.More No[1] Yes Yes No [117] Write TAP-emitting unit tests in JavaScript and run them in your web browser.

Yes No [118]

Yes Yes [119] Light-weight, non-polluting, and easy to set up and use

Yes Yes[120]
Based on TestCase but without the Prototype dependency

Yes No [121] Light-weight, non-polluting browser-based framework

No Yes [128] Browserless JavaScript unit test runner for use with MsTest, XUnit, NUnit, etc.
jsUnity Yes No Yes Yes [129] Context-agnostic (JavaScript, JScript (ASP/WSH), Rhino, etc.)

No Yes [122] Rhino-based framework that allows tests to be run in Ant
JasUnit Yes No Yes No [123] Light-weight framework. Part of a project that provides Mocks and IoC.)

Yes No [130] Testing framework that provides logging and viewing within a new tab of Firebug.
Js-test-driver Yes
Yes No [124] The goal of JsTestDriver is to build a JavaScript test runner which easily integrates with continuous builds systems and allows running tests on multiple browsers quickly to ease TDD style development.
Js-test-runner No
Yes Yes [131] A JUnit test runner that runs JavaScript tests. The goal of the JS Test Runner is to be able to test JavaScript code using an approach that test driven programmers will feel comfortable with; particularly in the context of Continuous Integration.
Sinon.js Compatible
Yes Yes [132] Standalone test spies, stubs and mocks for JavaScript. No dependencies, works with any unit testing framework.
SOAtest No
Yes No [95] Commercial. Testing platform whose record/playback runs in most modern web browsers where client-side Javascript can be tested both through static analysis and functional verification.
Vows No

Yes [133]

Yes Yes [125] Asynchronous Javascript testing framework

Yes Yes [134] Testing framework which allows expressive assertions and interactive test output
wru Compatible
Yes Yes [126] General purpose environment agnostic sync/async JavaScript test framework. Compatible with any browser, desktop or mobile, node.js, Rhino, and phantom.js. Tiny, essential, fast.
Buster.JS Compatible Yes Yes Yes [135] BDD/xUnit, assertions, expectations, browser/server, extendable with tools like linting and other QA measures, highly configurable, well documented and actively developed